Passyunk Square signange going up

Well, isn’t that nice

Is it just us, or are those Passyunk Square signs new? Sure are. The Passyunk Square Civic Association installed 30 of the signs last week around the neighborhood. The civic decided to install them to make people more aware that they were entering the neighborhood and also to promote the civic’s website

“The signs give a face to the neighborhood, and help support local businesses and residential investment, by demonstrating that there is an active civic association,” said Karin Morris, a board member of PSCA.

The installers put the new signs in place of some of the “No Parking due to Street Cleaning” signs — which, as we all know, are outdated liars. The civic also paid for the whole shebang. From the release:

The 12 X 18 inch aluminum signs will be at pedestrian height on existing poles on most major streets, except Broad Street, Washington Avenue, 11th Street, 9th Street, and Passyunk Avenue, which have their own business-related signage or already have an abundance of traffic-related signs. The signs will be mostly mid-block, avoiding signage-filled intersections.

A small step, but a good one, right?