The Industry gets two bells from Craig Laban

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey Pennsport! We’re coming after you. This post is our first attempt at dipping our toes into your area of South Philly. We’re starting to keep our eyes peeled for changes waaaaay over on your side of town (a whole eight blocks?), and slowly but surely, you’ll see more posts about what’s changed next to you. But we need your help. Send us questions, requests, tips, pictures, thoughts, musings, reviews, ideas, etc. to and we’ll be sure to get on it. Thanks!

Craig Laban found lots to like about The Industry, the restaurant at Reed and Moyamensing from the owners of Center City’s Good Dog bar. He highlights the menu’s adventurous spirit — sweetbreads, head cheese and bone marrow, for instance — but also praises the restaurant for being accessible, warm and affordable:

That notion of a too-cool-for-regular-folks vibe may, in fact, be the biggest misperception about the Industry. My best guess, judging from the outgoing and prepared service, a drink program that has ambitions beyond PBR (including cocktails and co-owner Heather Gleason’s dream: an actual wine list), and a handsome space clad in reclaimed Lancaster barn planks, welded steel tables, and a black walnut bar, is that the Industry actually likes full-paying customers.

It’s good news for the neighborhood. The Industry replaced the short-lived Witch, and it’s just the kind of place Pennsport so desperately needed. Hopefully their success can spur more business owners to branch out down there.

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