Dickinson Narrows Civic searching for office space

The Dickinson Narrows Civic Associationreceived some great news late last week.  They’ve been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Golden Rule Foundation and are gearing up to spend some of it on an office space.

They posted on their Facebook page that they aren’t looking for anything too big, just a place where they can stash a desk, copier and a few chairs, with Internet access. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a conventional private office as they are open to a shared work space, as long as it has enough room for 8-10 people to meet. Of course, somewhere within the Dickinson Narrows boundaries, 4th to 6th and Washington down to Mifflin, would be ideal.

Civic President Jeff Wiesner, said they only want to spend $350 a month including utilities. The rest of the money “is for general operating expenses for one year. Our budget includes: pursuing non-profit status, acquiring directors and officers insurance, distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood, refreshments for our meetings, cleanup supplies, and a new neighbor welcome packet,” Wiesner said.

Anyone have an idea for where the DNCA could set up shop? Let them know at info@dickinsonnarrows.org.

– Samantha Krotzer, @SamanthaKrotzer

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