Bella Vista rejoice! South Street state store reopens

After shutting its doors this summer for expansion and renovations, the Wine and Spirits Shoppe at 724 South St.has been transformed into a shiny new Fine Wine & Good Spirits store. It reopened a couple weeks ago, and it was worth the wait.

So much fancier.
Gone are the red canvas awning, the dusty cramped quarters and box-filled aisles. Instead, the renovated store has doubled in size and a complete overhaul of the interior was done, including new windows, floors and ceilings, freshly painted walls, warmer lighting, sleeker displays and wider aisles, plus a sophisticated face lift of the exterior.
The store still stocks everyone’s old standbys, but they have expanded their wine and liquor selections and added a “Chairman’s Selection” wall that showcases “highly-rated favorites and undiscovered gems” selected by the PLCB wine-o’s, err, experts. That’s where you can find the real deals.
There is also talk of wine and spirits tastings and promotional events, but none have been scheduled as of yet. Hours are the same, though, which means it’s still closed on Sundays. Grrr.
Now when are they gonna do something with the crappy state store at 11th and Wharton? That half-empty storeroom is bigger than the store.

– Pictures and words by Martha Rich,

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