Pollyodd hopes to open at 1908 E Passyunk by next week

After Michael Klein’s nice write-up of Joan Verratti, the co-owner of the Pollyodd lemoncello (yes, that’s how she spells it) shop coming to 1908 E Passyunk Ave., we figured we would check in with her on the progress to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
Two flavors in the Delaware Ave store, with new labels

She said she hopes to open by the end of next week to give holiday shoppers plenty of time to stuff their loved ones’ stockings with her hooch. Her selection of flavored lemoncellos recently had been stocked in six more PLCB stores in the city, but she also told us that her store will be the only location where her fruit-flavored cream lemoncellos will be sold.

Otherwise, she surprised us by saying that she will not be offering samples of the stuff at the store, at least for now. The law allows up to a 1.5-ounce sample to each adult who visits, but apparently giving away free booze can really add up the tally on liability insurance. So Verratti said she’s just going to steer clear of free samples at this point. We urged her to reconsider, not because we want free stuff, but because I think I’d want to taste a chocolate cream lemoncello before I plunked down $23.99 on a full bottle.

But the walls are painted and the counter was to be installed this week, so they’re nearly ready. Verratti and partner Tom Cavaliere, the two-person team that distills all the liquor in their Point Breeze factory, will leave the facade alone for now, but they plan to dress it up with a new awning in the spring.

We’ll be sure to post some pics as soon as they store is ready to go.

Hopefully Pollyodd will be here by the end of next week