More rain gardens are coming to East Passyunk

The Philadelphia Water Department has been on a sidewalk-mangling tear lately, but it’s all for good reason. Those bulldozers rumbling around across from the POPE at Passyunk and Dickinson, next to CVS at 10th and Dickinson and a couple blocks along 12th Street near Tasker have all been working on more rain gardens and other stormwater management implements.

Passyunk and Dickinson. See that pink rectangle? There’ll be a few of those with plants

Stormwater planters will be on 10th and on Passyunk, and check the image below for the plans along 12th, which include a stormwater “bump-out,” which is the first time we’ve ever heard of such a thing.

Much like the rain garden we told you in October at 12th and Reed, these projects are intended to keep stormwater from overrunning our outdated sewers. Maintenance of the plantings will all be contracted out by the Water Department, which is also pursuing partnerships with the neighborhood groups, said the department’s Joanne Dahme.

12th and Tasker
From the Water Department

2 thoughts on “More rain gardens are coming to East Passyunk

  • December 10, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    This is awesome news for the neighborhood. PWD is very progressive and proactive with this stuff, and it’s good for the city. More stormwater infiltration means fewer overflowing sewers during storms. That means less raw sewage (yes, raw sewage) being dumped into the rivers.

    A word of caution; be careful around these construction sites. A kid in the neighborhood recently fell into a leaf-covered pipe at 12th and Reed, and had to be pulled out by his dad. Apparently the kid was shoulder-deep in there!

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