Garage bar on Passyunk is finally going to get started soon

Remember back in August, when we ran a post titled Garage Shoots For Nov.1 Opening Date – And They Might Actually Make It? Well, yeah, that didn’t happen.

It won’t look like that for too much longer
But the good news is that owner Jason Evenchik says the bar/food truck-inspired restaurant is now only waiting on the final permits to start construction, which should only take about a month. The hold-up was due to the soil samples the landlord had taken (remember that pile of dirt we told you about months ago?). The building owner was trying to determine if the ground underneath Garage was stable enough to support upper floors so he could build apartments above. No dice. The soil wasn’t appropriate, so no apartments overlooking cheesesteak central
So all that is a long way of saying we’re not sure when they’ll open. We’re setting the over-under at Feb. 28. Anyone wanna bet on that?