New Autumn mural nearly finished on Fleisher Art Memorial

Fans of David Guinn’s now-covered Autumn mural (a landmark at 9th & Bainbridge for over a decade) will be happy to know that work on the artist’s “re-envisioning” of that mural is nearing completion.

The new Autumn at Fleisher Art Memorial

Tomorrow the scaffolding will be removed from the wall of the Fleisher Art Memorial on Catharine Street near 7th to reveal Guinn’s newest piece. This partnership with the city’s Mural Arts Program aims to better integrate the wall of Fleisher with adjacent Palumbo Park.

The artist based the trees in the mural on the trees in the park. There are three children painted to connect the mural with its original iteration: A child, who was a toddler in the original, is painted as the 13-year-old she is today, along with her brother, who was born during the painting of the original, and a baby, who is the artist’s daughter.

Guinn says that it was a “great honor” to paint the wall of Fleisher, having taken classes there as a child. He chose a “painterly” style for this mural, different than the pixelated style of his other murals, because it was better suited for its location and to reflect the “brushwork of the artist.”

A dedication is planned for the spring, but no date has been set.

A little somethin’ extra across the park
The old Autumn mural 

– Dan Carr
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