Buttercream cupcake truck opening store in Pennsport

News coming from Meal Ticket: The Buttercream Cupcake is opening a cafe at 2015 East Moyamensing Ave., which once housed Venice Cafe and the BYOB Nicholas.

From Adam Erace’s blurb:

Owner/baker Kate Carrara has moved into the sun-washed space formerly occupied by the bellissima Venice Cafe (remember when we reviewed that) and BYOB Nicholas before it. The cupcake truck will run as usual, with additional baked goods offered in the sit-down shop Tuesday through Sunday. It’s a couple weeks out.

We imagine they’ll have a bit more luck in that location than previous tenants since their business 1) already has a following and 2) is mobile. This kind of activity is what needs to happen in that neck of the woods. High tide raises all South Philly boats.
Progress inside, from Buttercream’s website
Teeny storefront from Google streetview


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