Noord owner Joncarl Lachman talks about new project

Zagat caught up with Joncarl Lachman last week to get some more details about Noord, the Northern European BYO coming to the fountain.

Photo from Zagat’s blog
Here are some highlights from Zagat’s nice Q&A (read the whole thing here):

I’ve been to Iceland 15 times, where I ate puffin and whale.

I’m coming back because I love Philadelphia. I was so, so ready to leave when I left, but underneath everything Philly’s always been in my heart.

Essentially I’ll be looking to cultures from the Alsace region north.

There’s a Dutch term, gezelligheid – it means cozy, fun, friendly – and I always try to bring that to my restaurants.

I’m shooting for an early April opening.

That seems ambitious since work hasn’t started on the building.
11th and Tasker
But PARC started work on the building that Fond moved into in August, and they opened first week of December. That was while the crew was still operating at the old location down the street, so maybe Joncarl has a shot at early April. We’re putting the over-under for first night of service at May 10. Any takers?