Avenue Scoop opens on Passyunk in Bella Vista

The “coming soon Avenue Scoop” sign has been teasing ice-cream hungry Bella Vistans for what seems like years. Was this place ever going to open or was it a front for nefarious activities behind those closed doors? Well, soon has arrived.

Avenue Scoop, 932 E. Passyunk Ave.

On Saturday (just in time for a winter cold snap) the doors of Avenue Scoop (932 E Passyunk Ave) were finally open and the only thing nefarious going on inside was the ice cream’s siren call to tempt the newly resolved.

Owner Carmen LaRosa has created a quirky, unpretentious, dog-friendly cafe serving coffee, bagels, pastries, fresh waffles and most importantly, ice cream. The coffee is Italian and the ice cream is Breyers. Hang out on the “front porch” while you wolf down a cannoli sundae or enjoy a cappuccino as your dog slurps from the fresh bubbling pet water fountain.
The front porch
Gabi Moyer and Randy Vale. Say hi, folks 

There are plans for open mic nights, DJs and perhaps even live opera (a young opera singer works there). It seems all the baristas here have artistic talents, Gabi Moyer, will be curating monthly showings of local artists and Randy Vale is responsible for the chalk artwork and signage. Also check out the owner’s bobble head collection in the back!

Any spinach ice cream?
That mosaic wraps around the side of the building

A website is in the works and the menu and hours will be updated according to the season, but find them on Facebook here.

– Martha Rich, martharich.com

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One thought on “Avenue Scoop opens on Passyunk in Bella Vista

  • January 9, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Wish them luck, but am confused about their choice of location. A block from both Shot Tower and John’s Water Ice is being between a rock and a hard place for a joint that does coffee and ice cream. Especially given the rash of open-and-close coffee shops in the vicinity (Falcon Cafe at 7th & Carpenter and the revolving door at 10th and Carpenter). But hey, I hope they prove me wrong.

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