Occasionette, new gift shop, planned for Passyunk

UPDATE: To clarify, Girls Can Tell’s current location will be closing, but it will move into the back of the new location, and Occasionette will occupy the front of the new shop. “It’s a giant space,” Selepouchin says.


The ever growing East Passyunk can expect a new gift shop to open doors in the spring. Owner of the existing Girls Can Tell homewares + gift shop on 1725 S. 12th Street is getting ready to open Occasionette at 1825 E. Passyunk Ave., which was most recently an Obama campaign office and previously a doll store. This shop will be a full service gift boutique, offering glassware, candles, house and bar accessories, art, tea towels, stationery, jewelry and more.

Soon to be Occasionette, 1825 E. Passyunk Ave.
Girls Can Tell and Occasionette owner Sara Selepouchin describes her venture as a way “for me to bring you the best in what’s out there in the world of gifts through a well-curated shop in our neighborhood.” Selepouchin also lives in South Philly and she said she’s thrilled to provide a better shopping experience to her friends and neighbors.
Girls Can Tell, around the corner. For some reason, address isn’t what it says above the door
Occasionette will be a few doors down from the new HOME Furnishings Boutique, which we showed you in November. Combined with Nice Things Handmade up the street, these new shops can create a level of density that will attract more weekday shoppers. After all, you may remember a lone gift shop on the 1800 block of Passyunk called JimmyStyle, which opened and closed in about a year a few years back (didn’t mean to get all Debbie Downer on you).

We’ll check back in soon with Selepouchin to get more details about the store opening but in the meantime feel free to visit LuckyAnt, where you can help support this project and learn more.

– Austin Case, @arcase

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    Awesome! Can’t wait to visit, the ave needs more retail!

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