Noord’s Lachman takes our friendly wager on opening date

Last week, we pointed out a nice Zagat interview of Joncarl Lachman, the chef who is bringing his Northern European restaurant Noord to 10th and Tasker. Tucked inside that interview, Lachman said he hoped to be open in early April.

We doubt it. For one, landlord PARC hasn’t started work on the building. They have traditionally worked quickly, but it took Fond nearly four months to open in the corner across the street from Noord. That work was completed during a relatively mild fall, not begun in the middle of winter. The building’s CMX-2.5 zoning designation does allow a restaurant by right, so he wouldn’t have to go before L&I for a use variance, but no building permits have been issued yet, according to the L&I website.

Besides, Lachman is still living in Chicago and plans to eventually live in the two-story apartment above the restaurant, so where will his home base be to during the process?

There’s a looooot of work to be done

For those reasons, we put the over-under for the first night of service at May 10 and asked if anyone wanted to take us up on that bet. Well, Lachman contacted us and said he thinks he can beat it. There’s a fancy bottle of champagne on the line for the winner.

So, dear readers, whose side are you on? Did we make a fool’s wager?