Appealing parking tickets has gotten easier

From A&E’s Parking Wars

In another sign that the city’s government is moving into the modern era (city website redesign, L&I map, 311 mobile app, more), you can now appeal your parking tickets online.

The city agency that hears parking ticket appeals now allows you to file your appeal, write your version of events and upload any digital evidence that you might have to the violations page on the Parking Authority’s website.

This development occurred about a month ago, but for some reason, it barely got a mention in the media. Since parking is so near and dear to everyone’s hearts down here in South Philly, we figured we would bump this up into your civic consciousness.

Meanwhile, it won’t necessarily be easier to win appeals, according to Newsworks:

While it’s easier to appeal, it’s not necessarily easier to win. Let’s put it that way,” said Jerry Connors, director of the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication. That’s the city agency that handles parking ticket appeals, not the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Connors says the bureau’s new online system allows people to upload written testimony and other evidence. The appeal will then be reviewed by an examiner and a decision will be issued via mail within 60 days.

“The burden of proof is the same, the standard of evidence is the same,” Connors said.

So, there ya go.