Dickinson Narrows out. Dickinson Square West in

On Tuesday, by a vote of 16-13, Dickinson Narrows Civic Association voted to change its name to Dickinson Square West Civic Association. The civic, covering the area from Washington to Mifflin between 4th and 6th, followed Washington Square West’s lead by selecting a moniker referencing a public space adjacent to, but not located in, the boundaries of the neighborhood.

Out with the old. The new is pending

Two other names were considered but received no votes: West Moyamensing and SoPhia.

DNCA president Jeff Wiesner explained that the name change was proposed due to feedback from the residents, and the civic wished to consider public input before deciding on a name. It was also noted that if a name change were to occur, “now is the time to do it,” as the civic is still finalizing its bylaws and filing for 501(c)(3) status.

Several longtime residents were in attendance and voiced their concerns with the proposal, but Mr. Hicks assured them that the name change in no way diminished or disrespected the residents’ prior contributions to the neighborhood and the association.

The Dickinson Square West Civic Association holds its general meetings every third Tuesday of the month at Mount Moriah Temple Baptist Church, 410 Wharton Street.

– Dan Carr
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  • January 18, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    That’s pretty funny. I was thinking the other day about how having “Narrows” in a neighborhood name is totally unappealing.

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