Le Viet undercuts CC restaurant week with its own deal

To the hustle of hospitality industry folks and the delight of college students, suburban soccer moms and just about everyone else, Center City District will be rolling out their winter 2013 Restaurant Week next week from river to river in Center City.

Not wanting to be left out of the festivities because they’re south of South Street, sleek and modern Le Viet (1019 S 11th St) is holding their own incredible promotion, which started yesterday and runs through Feb. 1. Get a three course dinner for only $16.95 per person, half the price of the CC promo.
Unlike the bare and cafeteria like pho halls across Washington Avenue, Le Viet has a full bar and beautifully designed space easily worthy of a date night.

Se the full Le Viet Restaurant Week menu after the jump.

– Anthony Sica, @Anthony_Sica