SS United States’ conservator sees some hope for saving it

Though at this point, the savior doesn’t look to be in Philadelphia. Docked on the Delaware River across from IKEA, the SS United States sits rusting as its conservators try to raise money and find a developer willing to plunk down about $250 million into turning the hulking piece of history into a hotel – somewhere.

Could be something cool, probably not here, though. Pic, Wiki

CBS reported that the SS United States Conservancy has raised more than $8 million dollars toward preserving the ship and that the conservancy has talked with potential buyers that would move it to either New York or Chester.

Redevelopment Project managing director Dan McSweeney says there is some interest from the folks at Harrah’s in Chester to turn the ship into a hotel, entertainment and retail complex. Or, there’s this:

In New York, we’d also see hotel, restaurants, retail, event space, museum, and potentially a school. We need to create a diversified revenue stream to support the ship for the next 50, 60, 75 years. And luckily, the ship is in such great condition — she was constructed so well — that should not be a problem from a physical point of view. It’s just a matter of finding the right relationship, the right partnership, and the right location to make this thing take off.

He’s also optimistic that a deal could be struck within the next several months. The ship was a modern marvel in the 1950s, and still holds the record for the fastest trans-Atlantic voyage.

More than likely, though, we’ll be washing down Swedish meatballs with lingonberry drink this time next year as we look at the ship from the IKEA cafeteria. But, hey, there’s always hope.

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  • January 29, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    This grand ship must be saved. She is a big part of American History. There is non else like her. What an icon she is and what she proudly stands for.

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