19 Degrees Cafe in G-ho adding booze

It appears that La Colombe Irish Coffees aren’t too far off for Graduate Hospital.

You may have noticed the orange-liquor license application at 19 Degrees Cafe on the corner of 19th and Christian. It’s about 90 days out, but the neighborhood cafe is preparing to introduce a full bar of wine, beer, and liquor to the coffee/pastry/breakfast/lunch operation.

19 Degrees at 19th and Christian
With the booze, new menus will roll out to include more substantial lunch and dinner options and, in what may be the best news of all, six-packs will be available to take out, giving the ‘hood another option for beer on the run.
They don’t plan on doing any work to the interior, which is set up more like a deli than a cafe. So it remains to be seen where they’re going to put all these people they want to serve booze to. They said they did plan to add outside seating, though, so that’s something.
– Anthony Sica, @Anthony_Sica