Design studio for disabled ‘assisting technologies’ starts construction

Back in October, we told you about an interesting office coming to the former Bargain Bazaar site at 1831 E. Passyunk Ave. Well, work has finally begun and Dan Bogen Design should be open by the summer.

Dumpsters are a good sign

Owner Dan Bogen is a professor in engineering a U Penn, specializing is engineering design and medical devices, especially “assisting technologies” for disabled people. That means he customizes switches and other mechanisms to help severely disabled people use products designed for able-bodied folks.

The level of customization means it won’t be much of a pop-in retail shop, but he said he plans a gallery-like feel. He and his wife will also live above the shop. Good luck, Dan.

The store also happens to be a couple doors down from Occasionette, which is also progressing and should be open by March, according to the photo.

March is right around the corner