New dads meetup goes down at Watkins Drinkery on Thursday

In the mood for some adult conversation after spending most of your time baby-talking your way through meals? Then you’re in luck.

A new group called South Philly Parents Resource Center is hosting a “Dads Night Out” on Thursday at Watkins Drinkery at 10th and Watkins, about half a block down from Fountain Porter.

The event kicks off at 8 p.m. and you’ll get 10 percent off food and drinks. SPPRC hopes to link parents together as a way of strengthening the neighborhood as a whole. Beer brings strength too, especially to dads.

This Dads event happens every third Thursday. Moms Nights Out are scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month at Adobe Cafe.

Rachel Howe, founder and president of SPPRC, says that these informal meetups are a great way for parents who don’t sign up for “play groups” to meet other parents and discuss raising their families. You have fun, kids.

– Dan Carr
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One thought on “New dads meetup goes down at Watkins Drinkery on Thursday

  • February 20, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    I happened upon one of these meet ups informally. I was out with a few of my friends (we are all in our mid 30s and half of us are dads) for our seasonal guys night out. The bartender told us that there was a “dads” meet up at the bar and one of my friends and I went to see what it was about. It was two guys hanging out who didn’t really seem interested in hanging out with/meeting another group of dads/guys from the neighborhood. Too bad for them cause we had a blast that night.

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