South Street Bridge looks cool at night, distracts drivers

The lighting ceremony for those towers on the South Street Bridge happened back in July, but the lights themselves were only intermittently on. Now, it seems they’ve worked out the kinks, and you can see the changing lights from miles away.

At times we’ve seen silhouettes of dancers twirling across them in black and white, but that was when we were driving on I-76, so taking pictures at that point would not have been wise.

Have you managed to capture the other ways the bridge lights up? Send us your pictures of the bridge at night to, or join our Flickr pool here.

– Pics by K. Lambing

One thought on “South Street Bridge looks cool at night, distracts drivers

  • February 20, 2013 at 12:46 am

    I ride across the South St bridge almost every night and don’t have a problem with the LED towers.

    The lights on Two Liberty Place are another matter entirely.

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