Dubious wax museum for Delaware Ave. is even more bizarre than we thought

You may remember that last month we told you about a grandiose but dubious proposal for a massive wax museum proposed for what would have been the Foxwoods casino location at Delaware Ave and Tasker Street.

Well, seems that this project is even more unlikely than we thought. The Daily News reports that the man behind this proposal, Robert Avery, has been soliciting donations toward a museum that for all intents and purposes will never exist.

The paper essentially comes right out and calls him a phony. Avery doesn’t even live in Philly, but actually works for the Navy in D.C.

On his LinkedIn page, Avery writes that the museum is “organized and operated exclusively for the relief of the poor, the distressed, and underprivileged and for the advancement of education, historical, cultural awareness for the Great Philadelphia Region, all while lessening the burdens of government.”

Great place, right? Quick recap: There is no museum.

He used renderings that were lifted from somewhere else and there are endorsements on the nonprofit’s website and on his LinkedIn page from people who say they don’t know him.

Asked about the museum’s funding, Avery said it has none. He’s seeking PayPal donations on the website. He’d like the museum to house 300 figures, which he says cost about $16,000 each, or about $5 million altogether.

“I am a man of faith, and the story of Noah is a good one for me,” he said. “Noah had the tremendous task of building an ark and people laughed at him and questioned him, but when it started to rain, people stopped laughing.”

The whole story is worth a read if you have a few minutes. It’s quite a tale of a man who with the powers of persistence and social media managed to create quite a buzz for a project that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. What’s not clear is if he actually raised any money, so he may not have done anything outright illegal.

And he hasn’t been charged with any crimes. Of course, we’ll see what happens.