Feel like testing your city knowledge while wasting time?

Then check out this map game called Click That ‘Hood, which was built by local open-data experts Azavea and Code for America. There are 147 neighborhoods, according to this map, including some that are totally inexplicable. For instance, most of you will be irritated at what it says is “Passyunk.”


But it’s a¬†surprisingly good time-waster and the neighborhoods are generally right. You have two choices of games, a 20-question round that can take a couple minutes, or you can test your knowledge of the entire city by finding all of them in as little time as possible.

There are also about 40 other U.S. cities and a few international destinations. If you ever wanted to know the neighborhoods in Basel, Switzerland, for instance, you now have the opportunity.

It took us 21 minutes, 26 seconds to do the whole Philadelphia map. And just writing that down, it’s amazing to think that much time was just wasted. But it’s Monday, so why the hell not, right?