Teri’s on 9th Street for sale with liquor license

It’s a rare opportunity when an operating bar and restaurant WITH liquor license goes on the market in Philadelphia. And that opportunity has arrived!

A popular bar in the Italian Market, Teri’s at 1126 S. 9th St, just popped up on Trulia for the reasonable (to people of a certain demographic) price of $600,000. Very little information is available in the listing besides that the building has central air and 1,800 square feet of space. So we took some photos from Teri’s Yelp page.

It’s a pretty nice space, long with a diner-style counter and vinyl booths. There is a small dance/DJ area in the back near the bathrooms that can get really crowded on the weekends.


Teri’s website is woefully out of date, although their twitter account was active as of January 5.  Our last trip to Teri’s might have hinted at some managerial issues- apparently their awesome late-night menu is no more, although the place was packed, inside and out. A few years back we heard that Teri’s had been passed down from mother to daughter, although we are unable to verify that story.

What do you think? Is this the perfect spot for the new King of Jeans bar? Who wants to step up to the plate? There might be just enough wall space to hang that gosh-darned sign.

–  Rachel J. Cox