Little Titan Park in Pennsport is big on charm, eventually

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Right now, Titan Park at 108 Titan St. is a slab of concrete with some highway guardrails around it. But some neighbors hope some elbow grease can help turn it into a little, green oasis. Friends of Titan Park is holding its inaugural meeting tomorrow night, Wed. March 6 at 6:15 p.m. at the Southwark House at 101 Ellsworth.

This is an early rendering of what they hope it will look like:

Titan Park rendering

That’s going to need a lot of elbow grease to change it from what it is now:



Myles Goodman, head of the friends group, said they are “in the earliest planning stages of the getting the Friends group assembled, developing a site plan, pursuing funding, and obtaining buy-in and approvals from the parks department.” They’re looking for some pro-bono site planning help from civic minded neighbors. Tomorrow’s meeting is intended to gather ideas for what the neighborhood wants.

Though it doesn’t look like it, this actually has been a “park” for decades. Goodman said neighbors who’ve lived in the area for a while say the park was first built in the 1970s. A motorcycle was mounted on the circular pad and there was a motorcycle mural on the adjacent rowhouse, plus some wooden benches. Those are obviously all gone.

But once the neighbors started getting organized, their park was nearly sold out from under them before they could even get started. Last summer, they “learned the city had coincidentally just transferred the park to the Redevelopment Authority in order to sell it,” Goodman said. They collected over 200 signatures and worked with City Councilman Mark Squilla to block the sale.

Since they are so early in the process, they have no funding yet and don’t anticipate getting any from the cash-strapped city. But Goodman, and his main partners in crime Zuleima Manzur and Kathleen O’Neill, believe business owners who live in the rapidly developing neighborhood will be able to pitch in.

Wish them luck, and if you live nearby, stop by tomorrow night.