Sign work shows signs of life for Dolphin Tavern’s reboot

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we learned about some exciting action over at the Dolphin Tavern this weekend.

We were the first to tell you that Avram Hornik – Drinker’s, Union Transfer, Ortlieb’s, more — had plans to take over the defunct strip joint. We also told you, back in November, that our source said the plan was to get things ready by Dec. 1. We all know how that went.

Well, on Saturday, our reader sent us this picture:


The workers were out at Broad and Tasker replacing the letters with what appeared to be glass with a yellow tint, meaning the neon sign will be buzzing away in no time.

Another liquor license application was posted in the window as well. A different source told us in December that the original license was the transfer from the old owner to his estate. The second, presumably, would be making the final transfer to Hornik’s group (we could be a bit off on the process, sorry). A worker there told us this morning that they want to be finished “in a couple weeks.” But we can’t seem to confirm that.

The new one is on the left, posted last month
The new one is on the left, posted last month

We’d also like to be able to confirm what our source told us about the plans for the place: i.e., keeping the pedestals behind the bar, adding a spiral staircase in the back and more.

But Hornik’s Four Corners Management still has us on radio silence, so we haven’t gotten a call back from them or an answer to our emails.

We’d really like to hear from you guys. Because we’re pretty curious about the Boot and Saddle up the street, too.

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  • March 7, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Yes!!! This is what has needed to happen for years. Life on Broad St. like a Parisian thoroughfare! A dive bar that caters to the EPX renaissance is fine. Just something on Broad St., please! I want to watch the cars drive by while I chat n chew. Maybe even live music!?!?!

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