Cedars Village senior housing nearly finished on Ellsworth Street

UPDATED: See how to get more info below.

The Cedars Village housing complex, which we told you about in September, has been chugging along nicely on Ellsworth Street near 9th.

The affordable senior housing complex  is starting to take shape just off the Italian Market. The developer, St. Maron’s CDC, plans 64 units on the 22,000-square-foot lot, plus 25 parking spaces and a community garden.

Pic from Flying Kite

Flying Kite checked in on the project and snapped a few pictures, praising its design.

Developed by the St. Maron’s CDC and designed by Haley Donovan Architecture, the project offers a case study for delivering affordable housing with modern materials in a historic section of the city.

The project “has been welcomed by the neighborhood for it’s modern, yet contextual response,” says Jim Haley, principal at Haley Donovan. “It is one of the few design-heavy affordable housing projects in Philadelphia.”

The website also praises the development’s green elements, like “100 percent stormwater retention on site, something not easily done on an urban parcel. The designers used a building step back to create a private green roof. This helped them reach that 100 percent mark while also providing an added amenity for residents.”


It’s come a long way since September.



The project was scheduled to open in April, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to get it to here:

cedar rendering

What do you think? Is this an appropriate nod to rowhouse living?

UPDATE: The management company has set up a temporary office at 531 Washington Ave. for those who want to apply. A woman at the company said they have been accepting applications for tenants for about a month and still have units available for income-restricted seniors. Call 215-391-4089 for more information. No, there’s no website.