Veteran’s treatment facility opening on Snyder this summer

We’ve noticed extensive work being done at 1425 Snyder for months now, and now we have the full scoop!

The building, which has the name “Baptist Institute for Christian Workers” inscribed over the entrance, is being renovated for use as a treatment facility for veterans, specifically ones with psycho-social deficit. The building will house over 40 private rooms and assist the residents with reintegration and job skills.


A friendly woman who answered a phone number listed on a banner at the construction site said they held a community meeting last February and distributed flyers, but right now there isn’t any source online for information. She says that they hope to open this summer.

We found the below image of the building from the Paul J. Gutman Library Digital Collections, which was linked to Temple University’s Digital Collections, which is fascinating source of historical imagery for Philadelphia. The building was constructed in 1911 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Being on the historic register might explain why development has been so slow.

Hopefully, a nicely renovated building with historical value will bring some much-needed charm to the west side of Snyder Ave. What do you think about the new use?

–  Rachel J. Cox