Federal Donuts finally confirms its stand at CBP, which also plans a Victory beer garden

Federal Donuts and Aramark finally announced their new stand that’s opening at Citizens Bank Park this season, the Insider reports.

Pennsport location, pic from Philly Phoodie
Pennsport location, pic from Philly Phoodie

We were the first to break the story one month ago today, and we have to say, this one feels pretty good. Several doubters came out of the woodwork to question our report because FedNuts wouldn’t confirm what we found out. But there you have it.

Now that the gloating is done with, we can tell you what the plan is:

Initially, [Steve Cook, one of the FedNuts partners], said, Aramark would sell the plain doughnuts – not the fancies – made on site with a “doughnut robot.” The chicken will be fried on-site.

One commenter on the Insider post suggested: “Are they going to sell out of chicken by the 2nd inning to insure that authentic Federal Donuts experience?” Everyone’s a hater.

Separately, Aramark, which runs concessions at the park, said they also planned “a covered beer garden near the bullpens with a line of beers including a proprietary beer from Victory called Alley Brewing Company Lager.” Another new feature this year is a gluten-free option next to section 136.