Porto, a Portuguese-influenced breakfast/lunch spot, coming to old Carman’s

We got some details on the new restaurant coming into the old Carman’s space on 11th and Wharton.

It will be called Porto, a breakfast/lunch/brunch eatery opening toward the end of spring. Owner Christine Liskowicz also hinted at a “surprise” coming for Friday nights.

Soon to be Porto
Soon to be Porto

We caught up with owner Christine Liskowicz and she said she plans to serve coffee, pastries, and a small menu for breakfast and lunch, much of it with a nod toward Portugeuse cuisine. Porto (pronounced Port-oo) is, after all, the second biggest city in Portugal.

She’s still working on the menu, but for sandwiches, think house-cured ham or brisket slow cooked for a couple days, with Portuguese bread and cheese. She’ll get the early birds, opening at 6 a.m. Closing time is to be determined, depending on what the people say they want, she says (tell her what you want in the comments).

For brunch on weekends, she plans to make her own butter (she mentioned yogurt butter) and jams. There will table service for 10-12 at tables inside plus a few at a counter, and hopefully another four tables or so outside. She has completely gutted the mess of what was in there before and was able to get some more space for seating by tearing out the radiators.

In terms of a vibe, she’s thinking relaxed and fun-loving, somewhere that neighbors can feel comfortable coming to often.

One intriguing tease was that she was excited about her plans for weekend nights, particularly Fridays. Once things get going, she’ll take advantage of the fact that there’s a liquor store across the street and do some kind of dinner menu. She wouldn’t cough up any details and said it would be a surprise. We presume some sort of tasting menu, but she wouldn’t say.

Shooting for end of May, early June. That seems doable since it’s such a small space and that work is already under way. So, we’re putting the over-under at June 15. Sound about right?

3 thoughts on “Porto, a Portuguese-influenced breakfast/lunch spot, coming to old Carman’s

  • March 19, 2013 at 10:42 am

    oh interesting. I thought that a pizza place was going to move in there. I hope she has some veggie-friendly options! Looking forward to checking it out.

  • March 19, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Be still my heart, a little bit of Portugal in our neighborhood! Living here keeps getting better by the day. Best of luck, Christine. My guess is Fado Fridays?

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