Former Quaker City Tickets to become a tea shop called Oliver and Company Tea Room

The tiny storefront that used to be Quaker City Ticket Agency, which closed is Passyunk office about two months ago, is poised to become a little tea shop called Oliver Company and Tea Room.

Emphasis on little. That office was pretty small.

Out with tickets, in with tea

Our tipsters also tell us that they plan to open next week, which could be the quickest lease-to-opening turnaround in Passyunk history.

The quick timeline would seem to indicate that they’re not doing a lot of work inside, which suggests even further that this place is going to be pretty small. The old office had a counter that was probably only eight feet from the window.

Renee Gilinger at the EPABID told us that the new owner plans to sell tea only at first then put a few seats inside and outside and actually serve high tea with little pastries and other adorable accoutrements.

We reached out to the owner for some more details and will update you when we hear back.

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