First Pics: So Crepe opens at 1506 South St.

So Crepe opened at 1506 South St. last week, bringing sweet and savory crepes and yet another option to the booming strip of South Street West.

So Crepe (10)

We took a stroll inside to give you the first peek. Also, check out the menu at the bottom.

So Crepe


So Crepe (2)
That’s co-owner Fred Elmalek
So Crepe (7)
And the other owner Fabrice Goutte
So Crepe (3)
Diners Katie Cohen (left) and Samantha Bonanno

So Crepe (8)

It’s like going to a dinner show , you have full access to see them cooking the crepes to order.

So Crepe (4)

crepe-ital mkt 014

That's Bridget Whitman on the left, with Fabrice and Fred
That’s Bridget Whitman on the left, with Fabrice and Fred

Foobooz had the menu last week:

So Crepe Savory Crepe Menu

so french: A French classic: eggs, ham and sSwiss cheese, 6.50

so classic: Swiss cheese topped with 2 sunny side up eggs. Just try it! 5.50

so riviera: Sauteed shrimps with caramelized walnuts, fresh spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, shaved parmesan, 9.00

so cocotte: Grilled chicken in a soft, creamy mustard sauce, 8.00

so smoked: Smoked salmon, avocado, sour cream, chives, 8.50

so soft: Cream cheesed tuna fish, onions, chives, tabasco sauce. Hot! 6.00

so dog: 100% beef hot dog, grilled onions, Dijon mustard and swiss cheese, 5.50

so chevre / so blue: Your choice of goat cheese or blue cheese, honey, walnuts, 6.50


So Crepe Sweet Crepe Menu

so caramel, Homemade salted butter caramel: A French tradition! 5.00

so washington, Caramelized apple and a scoop of French vanilla ice cream, 6.00

so chocolate: Freshly made dark chocolate sauce and your choice of fresh fruit and whipped cream. Replace the chocolate sauce by Nutella and you get a so…, well you figure it out! 6.00

so lunch box: Peanut butter and jelly: When America meets France, 4.50

so suzette: Grand marnier liquor, sugar, whipped cream: what else? 7.50

so chantilly: Our own whipped cream, your choice of fresh fruit, 5.50

so simple: The original. So simple and delicious with sugar, butter and a twist of lemon, 3.50

Photos by K. Lambing.