East Passyunk named one of the 10 Best Foodie Streets in America

In its forthcoming May issue, Food and Wine magazine dubbed our very own East Passyunk Avenue among the best streets for foodies in the country.

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Quite an honor, though we don’t know what company we keep because the list is only available to subscribers and only links to individual neighborhoods are being spread around.

Fond, Will BYOB, Pollyodd and Marra’s get shouts in the food mag, which also included decidedly unfoodie Era Atomica.

Meanwhile, Grub Street makes a good point. They noted that Stateside, arguably the most buzzed-about restaurant in the entire city in the past year, didn’t make the list.

One thought on “East Passyunk named one of the 10 Best Foodie Streets in America

  • April 13, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    We are just as perplexed over this list, and our spot on it as anyone else. We were contacted by Food & Wine magazine back in January and were simply told the premise was a “Go” list for an upcoming issue. We assumed it was another feature about East Passyunk Ave, and given our stock of bars and barware that we were able to be included. We were asked for hi-res, clear photos of the store which we provided and frankly, forgot about the whole thing until this week.

    It is entirely possible that the original focus of this article was different, and that the editors or writers chose to take it in a different direction between January and printing. We are learning with each article we are approached to participate in, that the end result is often quite different than the intent, or what we were told. We are taking this in stride each time and realizing that it’s just par for the course of doing media. We were as surprised as anyone that this article / list in question was so exclusive, and short, and that it was part of a country-wide list by large cities.

    While it is lovely that E. Passyunk was the go-to section mentioned out of all the areas in this city, and we are grateful to be on this list (feeling like the odd duck … although Louisville, Los Angeles, and San Francisco had non-foodie locations mentioned as well) we absolutely feel that in such a short list, our spot could have, and should have gone to one of the many amazing eateries on or around the Avenue. The logic behind this list escapes us as well, but we firmly believe that as the Avenue continues to grow in businesses and popularity that future articles will be all-encompassing and mentions will be savvy enough that everyone will benefit from the exposure.

    The Staff
    Era Atomica

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