Old School Spotlight: Checking in on LoMo’s tomato pie treasures

NOTE: We at the Passyunk Post focus almost exclusively on what’s new in the neighborhood, but South Philly wouldn’t be such a great place if it weren’t for all that came before that. For that reason, we’ve decided to launch the Old School Spotlight, an occasional feature in which we demystify some of those places that have been around forever. Want to nominate a place for an Old School Spotlight? Email us at punk@passyunkpost.com.

Pic from Plan Philly's Eyes on the Street
Pic from Plan Philly’s Eyes on the Street

For this Old School Spotlight, we rely on the curious, helpful folks over at Plan Philly’s blog Eyes on the Street, which checked in last week with two of Lower Moyamensing’s tomato pie gems, New York Italian Style Bakery and Villari Brothers Bakery.

New York Italian Style Bakery and Villari Brothers Bakery are two classic Italian bakeries specializing in fresh breads and delectable tomato pie. Despite decades of neighborhood change and shifts in shopping habits and food production, both bakeries manage to anchor their respective corners by catering to locals and longtime customers drawn back to the old neighborhood for tastes of their past.

New York, at 11th and Daly streets, and Villari, at 10th and Winton, both deliver on their tomato pies and other baked goods, and owners at both lament the good old days. It’s quite a wistful walk through South Philly’s past into the tasty present. Read the full story here, and maybe it will inspire you to make today like those bustling good old days.