Newbold Neighbors Association sticks with what it knows

Newbold neighbors civic2After months of considering a name change, the Newbold Neighbors Association has decided to stay as it is, at least for now.

As we reported in January, the civic association had been tossing around alternative monikers, partly to distinguish itself from a neighboring group, the Newbold Civic Association, and also in response to some members who wanted to distance the group from “Newbold,” a word fraught with misunderstanding.

The name Newbold only began being used about 10 years ago, when the Newbold Civic Association started for the area from Tasker to Wolf, 18th to Broad. Developer John Longacre cooperated with community leaders in Point Breeze to create the civic but then newcomers north of that adopted the name when they created the overlapping Newbold Neighbors – Broad to 18th, Washington to Passyunk. A battle over the name has been brewing ever since.

The NNA started considering the name change and by February, the options had been narrowed down to the current name and East Point Breeze Neighbors Association. But neither garnered the required two-thirds vote at the February General Meeting or through the online ballot open to eligible members.

So, after much ado, the group will stick to its original name and table the question until next year.