What’s that scaffolding at Pollyodd?

A tower of scaffolding went up over limocello-lover Pollyodd recently, prompting us to wonder if there was some trouble brewing. But of course not!

Pollyodd (2)

Things are going just fine at Pollyodd but the building owner is just freshening up the tired facade.

They peeled off the fading paint and are restoring the brick front. It’s probably going to look a lot nicer than it used to.


That reminds us. What about that facade program that PARC said would be starting by last fall? Rest assured, says PARC director Sam Sherman. He told us recently that several facades are still going to be renovated after some unforeseen delays, and we should start to see some scaffolding go up on a few other avenue buildings soon. Hopefully in a matter of weeks.