After 4 tries, 8 apartments OK’d for 7th Street graffiti museum

After four presentations, the developer of an apartment project at 1412-1414 S. 7th St. was approved last month, with 14 provisos. And we spotted some construction happening last week.

1412 S 7th St.
1412 S 7th St.

It’s almost a shame to get rid of the array of graffiti inside this garage, though.


Just looks kinda cool.


OK, so apartments are better. The original proposal had asked for 10 that also included an addition to the second floor, plus parking for eight cars plus a roof garden. But neighbors objected, so the developer eliminated two apartments, the addition and the roof deck.

Other provisos included frosted, offset windows in the back so new tenants wouldn’t look directly into homes on Reed and Beulah streets. There was also this interesting condition, which was provided by the Passyunk Square Civic’s zoning committee:

Windows provided for the 2nd floor apartments on the West side of the property that face the rear of adjacent S. Beulah St. properties shall be installed to be flush with the exterior surface to eliminate possibility of birds perching on window sills.

Didn’t know bird poop was such a problem over there. Other conditions were more commonplace, such as installing lighting and security cameras, repairing the brick on the rear of the building and providing for proper trash disposal.