Noord sets its opening date for May 8. D’oh!

Noord, the Northern European BYOB by chef Joncarl Lachman, will open for dinner service on Wednesday May 8 at 11th and Tasker.


If he pulls it off as planned, that means we will lose our bet with him by a mere two days!

When we first told you about Noord in January, Lachman said he planned to open in late April. We dubbed that wildly optimistic and estimated May 10. Lachman said he could beat it, wagering a fancy bottle of champagne.

Well, the sign is up, the tables have been delivered and we’re sweating bullets. We suppose we’ll start champagne shopping. But really, have you tasted Korbel lately? Delicious!

Meanwhile, this has been quite a week for restaurant opening news. First, we got a solid May 31 for Tiffin Bistro, then June 1 for Garage, and now this.

Trusty credit card, don’t fail us now.

One thought on “Noord sets its opening date for May 8. D’oh!

  • May 3, 2013 at 10:08 am

    There’s also a menu posted in the window now.

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