SoPhilly Spotlight: Dirt Cheap edition

For this week’s SoPhilly Spotlight, we head to 1641 S. Rosewood St., a teeny block tucked between Broad and 15th. Beware, it’s a fixer-upper, but for $128,000? You can’t beat it.



The listing gives scant details. It’s a 2-bedroom, 1-bath with 872 square feet.


And there’s an itty-bitty kitchen back there.



The listing doesn’t exactly try to sell the house on its merits:

Newbold neighborhhood nice block and a good starter home why pay rent when you can own for half the price

That’s all it says, typos and lack of punctuation included. But the house is less than a block from a subway station and you probably can’t get a better location for the price.




We don’t know this block, though. Are we missing something? And are we just so used to seeing sky-rocketing prices that we can’t see if $128,000 is a rip-off?