The long-fought patio at American Sardine Bar is coming together

After months of delays and countless headaches, the patio at American Sardine Bar is finally starting to emerge. Philly Mag’s new Property blog snapped a few shots:

Pic by Art Etchells of Foobooz
The two pictures by Art Etchells of Foobooz

ASB owner John Longacre had to endure two hearings before the Zoning Board of Adjustment and some nasty battles with a few neighbors before finally getting approval at the end of February for a patio, which he said will “distinguish the American Sardine Bar from every other bar in the city.

Now, you can start seeing the fruits of his labor transforming what had been a litter-clogged lot behind the bar, which is at  18th and Federal.

It looks pretty distinguished

Looking much better than it did before:

Pic from Naked Philly
Pic from Naked Philly

Which was an even bigger improvement than what it was before that:

Pic provided by Longacre

From the looks of the progress, this sucker could only be a few weeks away. Sweet.