Mayor Nutter tours East Passyunk to promote GPTMC’s neighborhood effort

Mayor Nutter hopped on a trolley yesterday and stopped into three of the 14 neighborhoods now being promoted to tourists by the  Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. Two of them, naturally, were in South Philly.

Nutter walking with PARC's Sam Sherman
Nutter walking with PARC’s Sam Sherman

Nutter strolled Baltimore Avenue in the Cedar Park section of West Philly, near 50th Street, before heading south for a stop at the fountain and a little walk down Passyunk. He then continued his tour by heading to South Street.

The idea behind this campaign, which we told you about last month, is to get visitors to consider staying an extra night by getting them to visit spots outside Center City.

Hugging Noord chef Joncarl Lachman
Hugging Noord chef Joncarl Lachman

The campaign’s website features itineraries tailored to each neighborhood. East Passyunk’s for instance, tells wanderers to stop at the POPE, Cantina, Pat’s (if they must), Le Virtu and inexplicably, Philadelphia Scooters.

What’s on that trolley?
Hey, you in the car! Meet the mayor!
Hey, you in the car! Meet the mayor!

Check out all the itineraries here. Now that we think about it, this might get local people to walk outside of their neighborhood. Gasp!

All photos by new contributor Martina Merlo.