Neighbors of proposed CHOP/library/health/rec center heard presentation last night

The South Broad Street Neighbors Association hosted city health officials and folks from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia last night for a presentation of very early plans for the development that will replace the library at Broad and Morris streets.

Not long for this world; pic from Newbold Neighbors

From what we can tell from this Daily News story, it doesn’t sound like too much more information was provided than we told you about a couple weeks ago. To recap, here are the basics: Library and rec center will be torn down to make way for a health center, bigger library, better rec center and a CHOP urgent care center all in the same state-of-the-art building.

As the DN put it:

Time has not been kind to the library, city health center and recreation center at Broad and Morris streets in South Philly.

Each of the properties could be described in less than glowing terms — old, small, rundown, outdated, take your pick. But the future for the heavily-used site is looking decidedly brighter, thanks to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The story goes on to say that this is the first project of its kind in the country and that taxpayers won’t have to shell out a dime. CHOP is picking up the tab with the help of private donors.

Of course, as with any big project, no matter how beneficial, there’s always a little of this:

Some residents at the meeting complained that the new facilities would add congestion to the area, as well as dirt and debris during the construction process.

But then there’s this:

But most seemed to embrace the idea, said Peter Zutter, the president of the South Broad Street Neighborhood Association. “It’s an exciting project that’s really going to help the community,” Zutter said.

A source previously told us that the library would start packing it up in October. We’ll keep you posted.