Honey’s Sit N Eat’s new South Street spot holds up to original’s standards

The Northern Liberties cult brunch favorite Honey’s Sit N Eat opened its 21st and South location a couple months back after a loooong delay, but it seems like it was worth the wait.

Pic from Grub Street

Although Philly Weekly’s Brian Freedman went in skeptical…

Sequels are rarely as good as the original. Sure, there are exceptions — The Dark Knight, Before Sunset, Justin Timberlake’s post-N’Sync career — but in general, follow-ups tend to fall short.

…it turns out that he liked it so much that he even got a little turned on, it seems:

Eggs, as always, are done impeccably, from the simple to the baroque. Order them sunny-side-up, and the whites arrive crisp-edged and nutty, anchored by yolks that jiggle lasciviously, almost flirtatiously.

He waxes on about how good the food is, but also notes the place stands out for another, more family friendly reason:

And then there’s the issue of its kid-friendliness: This one is more so than the original. Much of this is a result of the larger space itself: It’s easier to accommodate strollers and all their inevitable gear in this bigger room. But that’s not all of it. The staff here just seems a bit mellower in that regard, a bit more understanding that trooping the family out to a meal together—even a highly casual one like this—involves its own inherent stresses.

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