Isaiah Zagar wants to mosaic your wall for free

Isaiah Zagar, the mosaic artist behind the world-renowned Magic Gardens on South Street, is looking for a wall for a class on May 25 and 26.

Want something kind of like this?
Want something kind of like this?

The wall he had lined up fell through (the arrangement, not the structure itself). “I’m running out of walls,” he told us.

The wall for the class has to be big enough to accommodate nine or 10 people, but it can be any exterior wall on your house, in your back yard or in an alley. He told us there is no cost to the homeowner. All you have to do is own the wall.

Anyone who is interested in hosting such a class and a piece of artwork by one of Philadelphia’s most well-known artists should email with the subject line: Passyunk Post told me Isaiah Zagar needs a wall.

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One thought on “Isaiah Zagar wants to mosaic your wall for free

  • May 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Was planning on using the brick wall in my backyard as a canvas for some translations of my photos into murals that could fill the brick wall. The windows are bricked out and provide a perfect space for images to seem as if they are hanging on the brick wall. Also open to the idea of the entire wall becoming a mosaic and then the bricked in window spaces being used as mentioned above.

    Get in touch if this seems like something that your students can benefit from.

    Douglas Herman
    Rough Cut Productions
    Science Leadership Academy
    718 683 8349

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