SoPhilly Spotlight: The 3,500 square feet edition

This should be interesting: 730 Montrose St. #E costs $1.2 million, but it’s HUGE – the biggest house to be featured on SoPhilly Spotlight.

We don’t care for the Beige! Beige! Beige! everywhere, but it’s certainly luxurious and grand. And if you have that kind of money, we’re sure you will just spend another million to redecorate as you see fit.


The building was once a convent, and you may remember another, smaller part of it from a certain October blog post.

But this sucker blows that one away. With 3,500 square feet, five bedrooms, a bar and 640 square foot deck complete with patch of grass for Captain Barksalot, the house is in a great neighborhood in Bella Vista, close to South Street, Fabric Row, and the Italian Market. Apparently it will be featured on HGTV “soon” although the listing by PruFoxRoach doesn’t provide any further details.




Other amenities includes a Butler’s Pantry, full bar with wine chiller, security system (including cameras), and two parking spaces.



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