Navy Yard blooms with hydroponic pride

A friendly rivalry is taking root in the Navy Yard.

One of the area’s seemingly normal shipping containers is actually a hydroponic garden, built, designed and operated by city high school students from the  Sustainability Workshop, Newsworks reported.

Pic by Kimberly Paynter/WHYY, via
Pic by Kimberly Paynter/WHYY, via

The garden’s fledgling lettuce plants are the product of a $10,000 grant from FreshDirect, an online grocery store that has created the Green Angel Fund Challenge, a bi-city contest that’s pitting the City of Brotherly Love with the City That Never Sleeps.

The contest, endorsed by Mayor Nutter and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is between the Sustainability Workshop and New York’s John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School. There’s no official prize for the “winner” – other than knowledge! – but the mayors have agreed to call June 11, the day that the two gardens are revealed and judged by a panel of experts, “Urban Farm Education Day.”

“In Philadelphia, we’ve set an ambitious goal to be the country’s greenest city. We are working to promote healthy eating and living,” Nutter told The Wall Street Journal. “We are thrilled to support a challenge that showcases how our youth can create greener practices and can get us thinking about how to eat and grow fresh, healthy foods.”

Kick some ass, kids.

– Vinny Vella