To-Do List: Branch out a bit

If you’re staying in town this weekend, you might as well spread those legs and take a vacation from South Philly into parts unknown.

All weekend

OK, so maybe it’s not unknown, but it’s definitely one of those things people always talk about doing, but you never seen to do it. Take a picnic to Laurel Hill Cemetery. It’s beautiful, it’s memorial by definition and it’s got a great view.

Pic via Flickr user Star Cat
Pic via Flickr user Star Cat

Also all weekend

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship at the Linc. Sure you’ve never seen a lacrosse game, but who cares? The Linc is a great stadium and tickets to Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s championship games can be had for as little as $26 including fees. Or you could probably walk up to the stadium and get them for even cheaper. This thing ain’t gonna sell out.

Anyone else have ideas? Put them in the comments.

One thought on “To-Do List: Branch out a bit

  • May 24, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    How about brunch at The Avenue Delicatessen in Lansdowne, one of’s 20 hottest restaurants. Also run by a couple of S. Philly locals!

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