Noir, Pollyodd and Mancuso’s team up to create a boozy water ice

Noir, at 1909 E Passyunk Ave., has teamed up with the Pollyodd lemoncello shop and Mancuso’s cheese shop, which are both across the street, to create a couple water ice cocktails.

Pic from noir, via Grubstreet
Pic from noir, via Grubstreet

Grub Street reports that:

The cherry-favored brain-freezer is made with Mancuso’s cherry water ice and house-infused cherry vodka. The lemon and chocolate versions use the ice maker’s lemon and chocolate flavors, and Pollyodd’s lemoncello or chocolatecello. All run six bucks a piece, come garnished with a pretzel, and are available now.

$6? Not bad.