Stateside installs stools outside – bolted to the wall

After being granted an extension of their outside seating permit, Stateside has taken a novel approach to al fresco dining that will further cement the restaurant’s top-notch reputation.

The restaurant installed swing-out stools on the outside of the bar. The height of each is adjustable by swiveling the seat. They’re also bolted to the brick wall, taking care of the pesky slanting sidewalk that would have made traditional stools treacherous.

Stateside stools (3)

The stools went up last weekend, despite the fact that a rep for Stateside told us in April that the seating would just be regular outside tables. No matter. Those stools are pretty damn cool.

Stateside stools (1)
Say hi, doggie

Stateside stools (2)

A bartender said this weekend that the restaurant has had a permit for a couple months to serve alcohol through the window. He also said they intend to add barrels encircled by a rope, so people can stand with their drinks outside.

It’s gonna be a busy summer at the fountain.