South Philly food truck favorite Taco Loco undergoes some changes

Taco Loco, a long-standing Mexican food truck on Washington Avenue between 4th and 5th, has recently received a brand new paint job, along with a general sprucing-up.


Once a regular white South Philly food truck covered in general wear and tear (and occasionally some vandalism), the Taco Loco now exudes excellence on the outside, reflecting its amazing food that may once have been overlooked by much of the street traffic.

The menu may look different in its new printed version, but–do not fret– it’s the same owner and the same amazing tacos on authentic locally made corn tortillas, just prettier. And the prices, of course, are excellent.





If you haven’t already been to the Taco Loco, you definitely need to check it out now that it has a shiny new exterior. And, for those of you trying your hand at Spanish, this is a great place to practice ordering from an authentic menu while still enjoying the comfort of a short distance from home!

For other places to get great authentic Mexican food, would you have any other recommendations?

– Martina Merlo

One thought on “South Philly food truck favorite Taco Loco undergoes some changes

  • June 6, 2013 at 11:39 am

    There’s a new hidden gem Mexican food truck parked on 7th st just south of Tasker which has amazing food.

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